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We are a Center of Clinical Research located in Poznan. We operate in the Wielkopolskavoivodeship. Our qualified research team includes specialized doctors, pharmacists, nurses and coordinating manager in order to conduct clinical research on each of its stage. We offer professional conduct of Clinical Research of Phases II – IV in accordance with the principles of ICH GCP.
We invite you to start cooperation with CROMED – Clinical Research Center.
willing to take part in the Clinical Research.
conducting Clinical Research and willing to improve its course by establishing cooperation with experienced Clinical Research Coordinators.
Pharmaceutical companies and CROs
looking for experienced, qualified and well equipped centers for conducting Clinical Research of Phases II – IV.


We offer professionally equipped facility able to conducting Clinical Researchof Phases II – IV in accordance with principles of ICH GCP and applicable law.We provide comprehensive services regarding Clinical Research management, coordination and administration, performed by certified ICH-GCP team. The development, maintenance and implementationof observational studiesadjusted to Customer’s needs.

Clinical Research

Our offer regarding Clinical Research includes:
  • Conducting clinical research of Phases II – IV in accordance with ICH Good Clinical Practices and applicable law.
  • Professional research team composed of individuals holding ICH-GCP certificates (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, coordinators)
  • Fully equipped surgeries
  • Cooperation with experts in fields of: Psychiatry, Neurology, Urology, Gynaecology, Pulmonology, Alergology, Endocrinology, Orthopaedics, Surgery, Cardiology, Diabetology, Dermatology, Oncology, Ophthalmology
  • Certified equipment including ECG, USG, X-ray, refrigerators and freezers with temperature measurement
  • Point of blood collection and processing
  • Laboratory
  • Cooperation with medical facilities which are able to carry out Computed Tomography, MRI and perform a wide range of procedures required by the Protocol
  • The ability to storedrugsandbiological material in monitored conditions.

Observational Research:

Our offer regarding ObservationalResearch includes:
  • Research planning and consulting,
  • Research administration,
  • Researches contracting,
  • Researchers settlements,
  • Data acquisition and management,
  • Supervision over research course,
  • Audits,
  • Statistical treatment of research results,
  • Preparation of final reports,
  • Documentsarchiving.


Pharmaceutical companies, CROs, doctors and patients interested in cooperation on Clinical Research are welcome to contact us.


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CROMED Clinical Trials Center
Starołęcka 42A street
61-360 Poznań

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Chairman of the Board

Michał Suchorski
mob.: +48 506 631 945

Project Manager
Anna Aranowska
mob.: +48 606 393 477